Scottish. Gay. 24.



*gives the most beautiful, insightful and profound speech about love that we’ve ever heard LSP say*

*throws molotov cocktail*


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:/. fucking blue…

Anonymous asked:

how can you be so cute and have eyes so pretty in colour and shape?


I just want a sugar daddy but instead of it being a rich older man, I want it to be Gillian Anderson

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Now you’re being rude, and I hate rude people. 

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Anonymous asked:

if the jerking off video is real you should share it with the world and make it a happier place :(

I’d rather not :3

Anonymous asked:

Assumption: you think about getting fucked / or fucking someone you've walked past or are friends on Facebook, and you filmed yourself jerking off.. Which woukd be hot


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Anonymous asked:

Assumption: you wouldn't mind putting on weight with the right guy

False. I’ve already got too much weight on me.

beerbear-rj asked:

My assumption: You love beach and want to live near one.


barabaron asked:

My assumption're a chaser?

False (to an extent, it’s hard to answer this as I don’t have a pin point type, if I see someone I’m either attracted to them or I’m not)

beerbear-rj asked:

4, 26, 48 :)

  • Four - What is your current mood?


  • Twenty six - What should you be doing right now?

Getting ready for bed! I’m too engrossed in Hannibal to go though

  • Forty Eight - What are you looking forward to?

Visiting my bestins next week :3 and visiting London in November